Our Story

Lisa and Veronica, a remarkable mother-daughter team, have forged a legacy of success through their shared entrepreneurial journey. Their story began in 2009 with the inception of of a gourmet popcorn venture that blossomed from Veronica's kitchen into a national brand over eight transformative years.
Following the sale of that company in 2017, Lisa and Veronica enjoyed a well-deserved break spending time with family. However, their passion to design unique gifts beckoned them back into the entrepreneurial arena. Thus, "Apple Blossom Gift Baskets" emerged.
Veronica, loves working as a family designing gifts. "I absolutely love what I do and enjoy bringing a smile to so many faces". The venture also serves as a family affair, as Veronica's daughters lend their creative flair when not occupied with school, enjoying the opportunity to contribute to the art of gift curation.
"Apple Blossom Gift Baskets" focuses on thoughtful and memorable gifting sure to impress!

Our Clients

Are you a professional event coordinator with clients in search of exceptional gifting solutions? Is your innovative business seeking to enhance client experiences? Perhaps you're a busy individual craving swift yet thoughtful gifting solutions. If you prioritize both aesthetics and convenience and are excited to discover a partner who can manage your gifting journey from start to finish, your search ends here. Bid farewell to frantic store-hopping and last-minute scrambles to piece together gifts. Say goodbye to hurried assembly before events!

Apple Blossom clients have different occasions for gifting but they share one thing in common…they’re relaxed knowing gifting is entirely off of their shoulders.